Things to Bring

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Things to bring

Sedona Vortex Map courtesy of



When visiting the Sedona Airport Mesa, remember to bring your
camera for some memorable photos.
Artists and writers like to visit this site as it isan inspiring point
for their creative talents.
This was and still is considered a sacred site by several of the
surrounding Indian tribes who would come here to
perform certain rituals and ceremonies .

Some comments by visitors after being at this site:

  • Breathtaking scenery
  • Best Sedona scenic viewpoint
  • Great place to see a sunset
  • Wonderful panoramic view



Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock is the most popular site due to its unique rock formation and beauty. This is a favorite area
for family outings and walking trails. For added fun, bring along a Sedona Vortex Map which will have this
as a vortex site along with a number of other vortex landmarks to visit.

Here is a list of some interesting points:

  • Feminine vortex site that has softness and receptiveness
  • East side of this site has “back-o-beyond” hiking trails
  • Most popular Sedona site
  • Sedona’s most famous formation



As a one time tour guide of Sedona’s special points of interest, I knew to bring along extra bottles of water
for those who forgot to bring them. With so many things to see and do, time slips by and remembering to
do some simple things, like drinking water, gets skiddooed.

Some common comments by visitors:

  • Towering red sandstone formation
  • Mesmerizing monolith
  • Unrivaled beauty
  • Fills the senses



Bell Rock

Please remember that Sedona is normally a sunny place. If you stay out for most of the day,
please remember to bring a good sized hat. It’s a good excuse to buy yourself a cowboy/cowgirl hat. Sunburned faces,
unfortunately, are all to common, even after only a two to three hour jeep tour of our red rock countyside.

What some people say about Bell Rock:

  • Remarkable
  • Beautiful
  • Inspiring
  • Awesome