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Personal Development

Why do people move to Sedona, Arizona?
Some of the reasons are as follows: retirement; health improvement; less hustle and bustle; for inspiration to be more creative; to live in a beautiful area; to develop their artistic talents; to entertain; to work in the hotel and resort trade; and for others, personal development.

Sedona is a haven for those seeking personal development or enhancement. Sedona offers a number of varied means of going about the process of personal development or self improvement. So, let us take a peek at just a few of the special personal enhancements available in Sedona:

Sedona Sacred Light Institute


Sedona Sacred Light
Plaza Del Oeste
2756 SR 89A, Suite 9, West Sedona
Call 928-300-8338

Appointment Required

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Nirup Barnum is the owner and primary trainer of the Sedona Sacred Light Institute.
Nirup offers psychic intuitive training programs that teach psychic development, medical intuitive skills, and, meditations for spiritual awakening.

Since 1986, she has been teaching and guiding others to heal their lives, develop their psychic abilities, learn and use their natural medical intuitive skills, awaken their spirituality, and fulfill
their life’s purpose.
For further information, please visit their website at


Sedona Reiki Healing with Premala

Reiki Healing – Chakra Balancing – Meditation
Spiritual Vortex Tours

Premala reiki

I offer sessions in Reiki, Aura/Chakra Balancing and Crystal Healing, I also give Spiritual Vortex tours out on the land. I love to teach people about not only feeling and experiencing their own life force and spiritual energies,but also the vortex energies that Sedona is well known for. Sedona is a very magical place where people come to from all over the world, many come for its breathtaking beauty but also for rejuvenation and healing.

It is my deepest passion to help and support others on their journey in life, and I look forward to meeting you!  Call 928-202-9783 or visit my website

“My Reiki healing session with Premala, was so relaxing it allowed me to feel calmness inside, which I have not felt in very long time. It helped me realize I need to slow down, think about making myself a priority in my own life.
Thank you Premala.”  S.T. Kansas City

Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit with a relaxing healing Reiki session with Premala in Sedona AZ.

The Sedona Method


The Sedona Method Course.
The Sedona Method is a tool that allows you to let go
of painful, unwanted and counterproductive feelings. This empowers you to stop negative feelings before can damage your career, relationships, dreams & goals, happiness and inner peace.

The Sedona Method’s basic premise is that by mastering the art of releasing and letting go of all kinds of negative energy, you’ll feel more energized, effective, healthier and happier. For more information, please visit the website for
The Sedona Method.



Tibetan Buddhist Center


Sedona has a significant Tibetan Buddhist Center complete with their own Stupa. Training and meditations are available from this Buddhist group.

The Tibetan Buddhist Center is headed by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, Spiritual Director of Kunzang Palyul Choling (KPC). Jetsunma is the first Western woman to have been formally recognized as a reincarnate lama or tulku in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition by His Holiness Penor Rinpoche.
For more about what is offered, please visit their website at


For anyone who would like to take a break from the
usual busyness of Phoenix and come on
up to Sedona soon for a relaxing and inspiring visit.